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Segway i2 SE:

  • Stop wasting valuable time having your supervisor walk from one end of the sprawling factory to the other. With a Segway i2 SE you’ll improve your company’s efficiency on day one, saving you time and . . . more importantly, money.
  • Power of the i2 SE:
    • 12.5 mph, 24 mile range, 260lb maximum payload
  • Features:
    • Wide Platform – The wide base platform is optimized for rider comfort
    • LeanSteer™- Quick removal allows for easy storage and transport in almost any vehicle
    • Gliding Lights – Ensure your PT can be readily seen in low light conditions

Segway x2 SE:

  • From construction sites to wide-open farmlands, the Segway x2 SE is the perfect personal transportation device for any outdoor work environment. Its ATV style tires were designed to handle most any terrain.
  • Power of the x2 SE:
    • 12.5 mph, 12 mile range, 260lb maximum payload
  • Features
    • Wide Platform – The wide base platform is optimized for rider comfort
    • Rugged tires – Deep tread, ATV style tires traverse all sorts of terrain— confidently get where you’re going
    • Cargo Handles – Oversized cargo handles make for easy lifting and provide mounting points for accessories